Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plein Air & Plain Feet

For those of you who thought I was dead, your almost right. I'm working like a dog these days on development for a film project, it feels great. Here are a couple images to keep my 3 three rabid fans happy.

The first is a plein air sketch (1.5 hrs) of some clouds that couldn't hold pose for very long but were great to work with. I'm trying to really flex the ole' draw-quickly-from-life muscle lately and find that my reliance on reference has left me slightly atrophied. I'll post a few of those sketches soon.

The other is one of my favorite paintings, it's part of my How Beautiful Upon the Mount series based on Isaiah's theme. I'll post up the other pieces as soon as I can shoot them.

Here our first parents have made the decision to taste the forbidden fruit and be cast out of the Garden of Eden. An uphill climb for sure after leaving his presence, but a journey possible through Christ's mediation (the light area beyond the mountains).

Hope to put some more experiments up soon.


Frank P. Ordaz said...

I like seeing the strokes. Nice. Keep it up!

As far as your question goes from your email, I did the painting in about an hour. I took about maybe a minute or so to lightly draw in the figure in burnt sienna and then lay in boldly some color. I was talking with Craig so much that it helped me slow down and see the light appear on his body...

Jeni said...

I'm so proud of you for continuing to push forward.


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