Monday, November 24, 2008

IF- Identity as a matter opinion

Who we are is really a matter of opinion, whether our own opinion or someone else's. As an example here are three sketches of the same person done to quickly explore shape dynamics. There are so many ways of seeing the world.

Since my painting style is largely realistic traditional, I sketch most of the time in caricatures and shape explorations like these. It helps me remember that the movement and shape of the figure add depth to emotions communicated much more than good rendering...well, for that reason and I like cartoons!

What's your opinion?



I think that you are so right !!
Good work David.

amber said...

this is so beautiful. i love this as a final piece in and of itself...lovely work!

spike the surf dog said...

I love approaching the same thing multiple times and getting different results. good stuff. keep it up.

Miss J said...

Love your style! I love all the shapes of hair, nice work.

Will Strong said...

I just found your blog. Nice work.

Great shape explorations here.


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