Monday, January 19, 2009

IF: MLK others pale in comparison

I couldn't help but post this drawing today as the U.S.A. celebrates the life of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a brave peace fighter for human rights. He was murdered for teaching that people of all backgrounds, colors, beliefs, etc should live in equality with freedom from fear and the right to pursue greatness without limits. It's hard for me to teach my kids just how wonderful Rev King's life and teachings really are.

Every year we watch his "I have a dream speech", if you have a moment please watch it.

The drawing was done years ago and is full of errors I would like to correct, but I felt it was important to post it.

God bless us all to be more loving and accepting our differences.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

IF: Resolve to Draw Better

There is no skill more valuable than the ability to draw well (personal definition: effectively render what you see); my subjects may change & my style may evolve, but my ability to draw well can only be enhanced as I practice, critique and refine my work.

I started the new year by deciding to draw this portrait for some dear friends of mine. It's of the family's son who's in Brasil for two years. Doing "Thank you" drawings is a way that I'm forcing myself to do observational drawings more. No matter what your resolution, back it up with some immediate action plan...and just do it.

Thanks and Tchao

PS I just love using the chipboard, that is supposed to be junked, as a halftone drawing surface. The little black and white charcoal get a lot of help from the chipboard.


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