Monday, May 7, 2007

Vector Sketching...what a blast!

A few nights ago I took a small sketch of my youngest and decided to turn it into a digital sketch. Usually I'll work in Photoshop or Painter, but I had a ball for a couple minutes putting this quickie together. What a pain-free process! I'll have to experiment a little more later.

It's always nice to take a breather from some of the more intensive work projects-I've got three paintings on my easel right now that are begging for more and more time. I'll be sure to post those as they wrap up.

See ya' next posting.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Divine Potential

Here is one piece I really had fun doing, Divine Potential. The Laurel and the Flower are each symbols of glory & grace. The Flower, still blooming represents the process of growth and refinement that we go through. This flower in particular is a symbolizes feminine beauty and womanhood. And of course being crowned with laurel and hallowed by a mature bloom tells of the divine nature of woman.

It's a painting that I could really enjoy packing some meaning into.


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