Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Sketchbook, New Goals--Primative

A new sketchbook's in town and I've made some definitive goals to let my sketch explorations stretch me technically and creatively. The permanence of inking has always scared me even though I like to sketch with a ball-point pen. Although it may sound funny, I love how forgiving oils and acrylics are; thus all of my professional work has been in those two mediums. This is one of my first attempts at inking; the reference image is not original (Tom Stone's amazing homeless portraits) but gave me an opportunity to explore a bit.I love combining traditional and digital mediums. A quick drawing, a beautifully aged piece of paper, and some digital painting (another goal). I'm fairly pleased with the result and look forward to the next 1,000 pics to help me really nail down this whole inking thing.

Please leave me some of your pointers, experiences inking, or sketch book goals. Tchao.


spike the surf dog said...

I think the inking looks good. Way to stretch yourself. I often go out and get a new sketchbook to try something completely different and new. Good luck.


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