Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Children's Literature Conference

This last week I attended a great SCBWI Conference at UVSC (UVU) for authors & illustrators of children's publications. It was a fabulous experience I'll repeated for years to come I assure you. The conference had been geared to provide industry specific lectures, forums, and guests for illustrators this year. David Small -if you don't know him you still have time to repent- was the key note speakers for illustrators. He and his author wife gave fantastic lectures and gave generously of themselves to attendees-I must say I was given far more time than I deserved.

The Editor/illustrator's Best Illustrator Award was given to me-a genuine suprise. There were quite a few strong illustrators there. Of additonal signifigance I was invited to be a co-author in a The Children's Book Blog for Illustrators, a source of info for illustrators. If your looking for substantive comments and resources it's a wonderful place to bookmark.

I'll be adding a lot more images here and on my website soon. Look for more pics from my sketchbook too. See you soon.



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