Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Process Blitz-Story Goals

May I introduce "Spectacle", the short story concept I'll be developing during the Process Blitz. Any comments or critiques are welcome.

1-Theme in 3 words:
Prejudice, Wonder, Friendship
2-Synopsis in 1 sentence: An eager boy, although blinded by others prejudices, finds an unexpected friend in a traveling circus.
Synopsis in 3 sentences: Curious boys await the arrival of circus oddities. A frenzy of fear and prejuduce leaves one boy blind to the dazzling show. A peculiar friend help the boy see clearer than ever.
Synopsis in 3 paragraphs: When a circus poster appears in a 1880's town, curiosity runs wild in the imagination of 4 young boys. Each conjures up a fearsome and fabulous spectacle. Fables and fabrications about the circus beasts feed the curiosity of one boy and plant seeds of prejudices in the other boys. Interest circles around Jumbo, a bizarre mammoth creature that Barnum & Bailey are debuting. A twisted curiosity draws the boys to the show.

At the show the boys both jeer and cheer extraordinary feats, modern technologies. As Jumbo is announced reactions ripple through the crowd, in the commotion one of the boy's glasses falls into the performing ring. The boy is left blind as Jumbo emerges to a mixed chorus of cheers, screams, jeers, and applause.

Straining to see and trying to gauge the crowd, the boy is frozen with fear when a trumpeting blast sounds next to him. Apprehension settles when the glasses are delivered in the trunk of an elephant. The boy sees past the odd exterior to the gentle giant's heart. He utters his amazement and embraces the trunk. End

3-Primary Characters: Boy, Jumbo, Friends (representing Fear, Ignorance, & Disgust). Secondary Character: Ringmaster
4-Character Map:


Jeni said...

Hi Dave,
I like the slow building of tension in your plot. I am interested to see how you dispel the fear of the boy into love and trust.
Some of your theme reminded me of this short film that I recently saw.

Aaron said...

hey this sounds great I cant wait to see what you got going for the story art wise!

Dominic Philibert said...

Nice illustrations on your page

matt dawson said...

I remember your Jumbo project from a previous visit... such a great use of typography on the playbill! No pressure (sounds like you have a very full plate) but it's fascinating to read your process and I eagerly await anything else you have to show. Best of luck sir! (PS ta fort he draw&cook feedback, really happy it struck a chord).


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