Saturday, January 30, 2010

Process Blitz starting Feb 15th

How do I take the great idea that's been sitting in my brain and get it out onto the paper/screen?

How can I balance personal projects I'd love to do with the insanity of everyday life (I have 3 kids, work full time, and I am in the middle of moving while learning Maya with Animation Mentor)?

The Process Blitz which begins Feb 15th will outline and present the process of developing a story & characters in 30 days to make it "pitch ready". I'll chronicle the process of developing one of my own ideas with pics, resources, links and words of wisdom from others who have made it happen.

What are your ideas that are aching to get out? Bring your own ideas to the table and together we'll develop them in 30 days starting on the 15th.


Nathan Billington said...

Fascinating! So what would this look like? If I were to "bring my ideas to the table" would they be in competition or collaboration?


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