Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IF Impossibility

If you could split your personality into various separate characters what would they look like? This impossible gathering is a triple self portrait- no not the monkey. Sometimes I take myself too seriously ( the guy in the middle) and fail enjoy life to it's fullest.

I sure wish I would have planned more for the background.


Jamie Schumacher said...

This is brilliant. I love it.

Linda said...

great idea for a painting! beautifully done

Rob Carey said...

I know exactly what you mean, David. Cool painting. I often have to remind myself of the same thing.

Nikola said...

This is kind of Frida-esque. Love it. Love your art, actually!!!!

You got yourself a follower! Oh, and I'm looking for people to exchange links with (blogrolls), and would very much like to do that with you! If you're interested, leave me a comment or email me! :)


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