Thursday, November 20, 2008

IF - Some pretend and some really believe

How long did you believe? Is there still a part of you that believes...if not in Santa than in Believing itself. The holiday season is wonderful for its ability to rejuvenate and enrich our ability to hope and believe in that which is good in ourselves and others.

This is not merely pretending-to presume without a foundation for the hope- but placing faith in true and guiding principles. Even though I can't always put my finger on it at times; just because as I can't show you that Santa exists, I can believe.


Chris Kennett said...

My kids are at that perfect age where Santa is still such a magical figure for them. What better time of year than you hone your pretending skills. Thanks for the comment and the warm welcome.

Danielle said...

There is something so magical about watching a child believe that Santa came in the night. Great Santa!


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