Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oil Sketch

Here is a small oil painting I did the other day. I really love doing these quick paintings, there is a lot that stays fresh in the shapes and color. However, they generally lack substantive depth.

This one has a lot of personal meaning since I'm giving to my mom for Christmas. I did this painting in celebration that I am not the artist I was before. When I was about 12 my mother asked me to paint a nice picture for the house. I was twelve and very angst, so I painted an abstract interpretation of a suicide that had taken place in my middle school. Skeleton's, black and gray, very sparse color-yeah, like I said, I was 12.

I scoffed at being asked to paint a "nice picture." I didn't do "nice."

This painting is bright, playful, uplifting and hopeful. There has been a lot of maturing and self-evaluation happening. While there are real dark emotions and negative things that need to be addressed in life, I know that don't need to wallow there to be "artistic." Life generally is bright and hopeful; I hope you enjoy the post and will excuse me for sharing something personal.
Merry Christmas, a season of glad tidings of great joy!


Meridth Gimbel said...

Beautiful David! Love this piece.

I'm excited your part of the blog now... you rock!


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